Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two New Additions

We've had two new arrivals to our homestead this week and I thought you might like to meet them.  They have brought along a lot of excitement with them, because other than a multitude of chickens, it's rare that we get any new animals.

Meet Cloud.

She is a 3-year-old Nubian doe we took in, rather out of impulse.  She needed a new home and although it may only be a temporary arrangement, we're becoming quickly attached to her.  She has such a sweet personality and loves to be around people.  She is sterile, unable to be bred, so she really has no serviceable value other than to be someones pet or brush-eater.

Ava sharing her blackberries with Cloud.

I've been reading up on goats for some time now and we were already planning to get either a pair of Nigerian Dwarfs or Mini-Nubians next spring.  Right now we don't have proper goat accommodations.  Our fencing is inadequate (as she has already proven), so we've had to tether her for the meantime.  I am also going to have to build her a summer shelter.

More please!

And a little consolatory pat on the nose when they're all gone.

I realize that goats need to have another goat to keep them company, but it was under unusual circumstances that she came to live with us.  I am hoping that the chickens and the sight of the neighbor's cows and horses in the adjoining pasture will be enough to keep her company for now.

And this is Snow White Angel, my daughter's new kitten. 

Ava came up with the name herself months ago when she began to dream of having her own kitten and of course it had to be pure white.  Every time we'd ask her what she would like for her birthday, this was her answer.  A few days before her birthday, I finally caved in and agreed to get her a kitten. 

The hunt for the perfect kitten went on for a couple of weeks.  I tried to talk her into taking one of a few that were mostly white, partly calico.  But nothing else would suit her.  She had to be white!

Fortunately, our first visit to the animal shelter turned up a sweet little girl kitten, pure white with blue eyes.  She has a nice, playful and cuddly personality.  Not evil like some other cats I know.  Ha.

Cuddling buddies.

We had to wait a week before we could bring her home.  Our animal shelter takes your adoption fee and makes an appointment with the vet for your new pet to be spayed or neutered first before they'll release them to you.  I think this is great policy.  You have to feel so bad for all the little animals in the shelters that no one wants.  It's hard to pick just one.  I used to have a bumper sticker from Pit Bull Rescue Central that said "Don't litter, spay or neuter!"  Shelter animals make great pets and you'd be surprised how many pure breeds end up there.

I've not really been much of a cat person before, but this kitty is really growing on me.  I love to let her curl up in the hollow of my neck and listen to her peaceful purring.  She purrs all the time!

We are slowly introducing her to our dog, Boogie.  She used to live with several cats years ago and did just fine, but in recent years she has really taken an increased interest in them.  I'm sure when the excitement wears off, they'll get along great.  For now, Snow White Angel (gotta think of a nickname for this kitty) has full run of the playroom.  We take turns letting the dog out and letting her run around the house for awhile.

Well, with the new goat especially, it is really starting to feel like a farm around here!

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