Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Harvest Weigh-In #4

I apologize for getting this week's weigh-in out so late in the evening.  We just barely made it!  I've had a really busy day.  I'll tell you more about our new additions tomorrow... ;)

Things are finally starting to pick up in the garden.  I haven't weighed my onions yet because they are still in the process of drying, but I know I've got plenty for the whole year through.  I am going to use the smaller ones in my canning, store the nice big ones, and dehydrate any others that might not store well.

Here's the haul: 
Onions everywhere!  I was beginning to run out of places to put them.
I like to lay mine out in a single layer on top of wire for good circulation.  I don't cut off the tops or roots until they are completely dry because this seems to help prevent rotting by not injuring the bulb until it is completely sealed off.  I save up citrus bags to store them in, hanging them up in a dry, room temperature place that gets good air circulation, like under the stairwell in the basement.

I got my first tomatoes of the season today!  Nothing to brag about really, just two juicy Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes.  I had grabbed the salt shaker and ate them before I thought to weigh them.  It wouldn't have amounted to much anyway.

We've had a lot of rain and heat lately and the vines of my squash and other melons have really taken off.  I spotted some baby Eight-Ball Zucchini and baby Yellow Crookneck Squash today.  I can't wait to grill up some of those babies!

We had another big storm this afternoon, with pounding rain and high winds.  This one came in from the north and blew everything over to the opposite direction from what it did last week.  It even blew over the tops of my beets! 

I hope my peppers won't take it too hard.  I've got some huge Giant Red Marconi peppers that are very close to harvest and they are really top-heavy.  I think I'm going to have to cage them.


OK, your turn!

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