Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cat Watching

We don't feed the birds, but sometimes I feed the barn kitties.

They aren't tame and you can't catch them.  But they'll get really brave when it comes to a stewed chicken.  This is the closest they've let us get to them and the first chance I've had to snap a few shots.

With the barn kitties on duty, I've had only a couple of short-lived mice in the house this fall and none in the chicken barn.  I spilled a little feed recently and out of curiosity left it there for over a week and there have been no mice to eat it.  Since we freaked out and killed our big black snake last summer (it got really close to the swing set), I am really glad to have the barn kitties around to keep the mice under control.

The problem lies in keeping the barn kitties under control!  I've heard that they make kitty birth-control especially for feral cats that you can add to their food.  I'll have to ask the vet about that...

Ava and Boogie enjoyed a little cat watching today.  It's becoming a consuming hobby.

I love spending time with you, Boogie.  We have so much in common.

I love you, Boogie.  You're my best friend.  You know that?

Do you suppose, Boogie, that maybe one day we could have a kitty?

But I could never love a kitty more than you.

I'm kinda getting bored of watching the barn kitty eat.  Aren't you, Boogie?
Here, let me see your paw.  How 'bout I paint your toenails for you?
No?  But why not?

Ten minutes of cat watching was enough for Ava.  She sang to them for awhile.  And she sang to the dog for awhile.  Then she wandered off to find something else to do.

But Boogie sat transfixed, like zoning out on cat TV.  Did you notice that she never moved an inch in the previous pictures? 

I just don't trust these cats.

What are you going to do about this, Mom?


But they mock me!
Hey, do ya mind?  We're trying to eat here!

Sigh...  I wish I could get my paws on those cats.
Last count there were three.

There used to be five.  I don't know what became of the other two.

They ate almost the whole chicken carcass.  Maybe I'll buy a big bag of cheap cat food and start feeding them.  I am a softy.

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