I've been collecting heirloom beans and heirloom/OP tomatoes since 2009 and have been doing a lot of trading in the past couple of years. I am going to keep a list of all of the beans and tomatoes in my collection here for easy reference.

A special thanks goes out to Marshall Smyth and Russ Crow for sharing their wisdom and encouragement and for giving me the exciting opportunity to grow out many new beans. :)

This page was launched on January 9, 2016. Some of these pics aren't that great, so I will replace them soon and also provide more notes on each variety. Tomato varieties will be listed soon as well in another page tab.

(Click on each image to enlarge. Images are not to scale.)
Bean Name Notes
Alice Whitis Bean Alice Whitis Appalachian heirloom from Wayne Co., KY, pole/snap
Allubias de Tolusa Bean Allubias de Tolusa
Anasazi Bean Anasazi
Anellino Giallo Bean Anellino Giallo
Appaloosa Bean Appaloosa This is one bean I have struggled to grow well. The plants seem to be very sensitive to excessive rainfall and won't set seed well.
Aussie Purple King Bean Aussie Purple King From Australia, pole/snap
Badda di Polizzi Bean Badda di Polizzi
Beauty Pod Bean Beauty Pod
Black Neptune Lima Bean Black Neptune Lima
Blooming Prairie Blooming Prairie
Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean Blue Lake 274
Burgundy Kidney Bean Burgundy Kidney
By God Bean By God Cool outcross from Marshall Smyth's garden.
Capirame Bean Capirame
Colored Willow Leaf Lima Bean Colored Willow Leaf Lima
Contender Bean Contender
Eye of the Tiger Bean Eye of the Tiger
Flageolet Bean Flageolet
Flor de Mayo Bean Flor de Mayo
French Climbing Bean French Climbing Bean
Giant Red Tarka Bean Giant Red Tarka
Gold of Bacau Wax Bean Gold of Bacau Pole/Wax bean
Golden Golden "Lima" Pole/Dry (Not really a lima.)
Good Mother Stallard Bean Good Mother Stallard Pole/Dry, smooth, buttery textured soup bean
Hanna Hank Bean Hanna Hank
Harvey's White Tendrais Navy Bean Harvey's White Tendrais Navy
Hidatsa Shield Figure Bean Hidatsa Shield Figure
Hill Family Greasy Bean Hill Family Greasy Appalachian heirloom, pole/snap
Hopi Beige Lima Hopi Beige Lima
Hopi Lima Hopi Lima
Hutterite Bean Hutterite
Kentucky Wonder White Seeded Bean Kentucky Wonder White Seeded
Kim's Italian Flat Green Bean Kim's Italian Flat Green
Lazy Wife Australian Bean Lazy Wife (Australian) Stringless pole/snap bean from Australia
Long Tom Bean Long Tom
Missouri Wonder Bean Missouri Wonder
Molley's Zebra Australian Bean Molley's Zebra Beautiful, delicious and highly productive stringless pole/snap bean from Australia
Montezuma's Red Bean Montezuma's Red
Mountain Pima Burro & Caballito Bean Mountain Pima Burro & Caballito
Nickell Bean Nickell Appalachian heirloom, pole/snap, one of my favorites for canning, great flavor and tenderness
Ora's Speckled Cutshort Bean Ora's Speckled Brown speckled greasy cutshort, pole/snap
Ora's Black Speckled Variant Cutshort Bean Ora's Black Speckled Variant Segregated in my garden from Ora's Speckled, bred true twice now, pod is also speckled
Otis Stewart Bean Otis Stewart Appalachian heirloom, pole/snap
Paiute Mixed Tepary Bean Paiute Mixed (Tepary)
Piros Ferer Bean Piros Ferer
Powder Star Bean Powder Star (Outcross) Pole/Snap, breeds true, vigorous and productive
Rio Zape Bean Rio Zape
Sallee/Donahoo Wide Pod White Greasy Half-Runner Bean Sallee/Donahoo Wide Pod White Greasy Appalachian heirloom, Half-runner/Snap
Sammy Bean Sammy Bean Appalachian heirloom
Sam's Scarlett Runner Bean Sam's Scarlet Runner Runner bean
Sandpiper Outcross Mix Bean Sandpiper Outcross Mix
Shoshone Outcross Mix Bean Shoshone Outcross Mix
Snow Star Bean Snow Star (Outcross)
Snow Cap Crop failure -- looking to replace my stock
Star 2054 Bush/Filet bean from Africa
Stevenson's Wax Bean Stevenson's Wax
Swedish Brown Bean Swedish Brown
Tobacco Patch
Top Crop Bean Top Crop
Wax Moon Bean Wax Moon Sprawling bush/Wax bean
Weaver Bean Weaver
White Creaseback Bean White Creaseback Appalachian heirloom
White Wax Pink Tip Bean White Wax Pink Tip Appalachian heirloom
Witsa Bean Witsa
Yoeme Pastel Ojo Bean Yoeme Pastel Ojo


  1. Hey, how did you make this page? Love it and want to do something similar but can't seem to find a template.

  2. Hi Levi, I used HTML to code for a basic table, but I've found it a little tedious to edit and update. I've been meaning to try to find a better way to go about it since I'm always getting new beans that will need to be added. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Journeyll,

    Took a look at your website today. Really neat. It will be fun to watch the growth of your bean collection over time. I've got it bookmarked. Also hope you will return to the Little Easy Bean Network in 2017. You do a lovely job of growing beans.

  4. Thanks, BlueJay77. :) It needs a little work. I've got to get it laid out a little better to make it easier to search. The blog template I'm using limits my width too. I've got a lot more beans to add to it since it went up.

    It was the highlight of my summer garden, keeping watch over my little patch of Network beans and taking notes. 2016 was productive!