Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekly Harvest Weigh-In #6

Wow, the dog days of summer are here--with a vengeance!  This heat along with some frequent showers we've been getting has suddenly turned my garden into an impenetrable jungle.  Well, the squash patch, mostly.

I'm still trying to get over this bronchitis and I'm so far behind on things right now.  At least I am finally getting some sleep though!  I've managed to go outside in the cool of the evening and pull a few weeds here and there, but it's really going to take some work to get things back under control.

I missed yesterday's weigh-in, so I'm going to go ahead and post mine today.

Here's a basketful of summer goodness I brought in the other day...

I've got a little bit of mostly everything ripening now and suddenly I am up to my ears in summer squash and zucchini (although I thought I was being conservative, only planting four mounds).

My suspicions have been confirmed--some of my tomatoes are diseased, although I still have to figure out with what.  It is mostly the Costoluto Genovese.   I noticed they had problems with their fruit last year too, but I blamed it on how badly I had crowded them.  Some of them have been exhibiting small, rotting spots on the fruit that later turn to a fuzzy, pink fungus/mold sometime after being picked.  As an heirloom O/P variety, they seem to be particularly unsuited to our humid West Virginia summers, so I won't be growing them again.  I will still grow the San Marzano.  They are doing great.  Some of my other tomato plants have had some leaf curl on the bottom leaves that has now begun yellowing and dying off.  I'll have to take some pics and seek the advice of my knowledgeable friends over on TEG.

I did get to enjoy my first mouthwatering tomato sandwich of the season today.  Although it's hard for me to claim a favorite tomato, those Black Krims are certainly in my top 3.  Such a good looking and flavorful tomato!

Here's my numbers for the week:

Blackberries - 0.70 lb.
Strawberries – 2.06 lb.
Yellow squash – 3.22 lb.
Zucchini – 3.37 lb.
Garlic – 0.20 lb.
Pole Beans – 0.07 lb.
Asst. Tomatoes – 8.72 lb.

Total:  18.34 pounds of produce

I've decided to quit using the link-up tool since this thing never really took off.  It was a bit time consuming anyway.  But you are still welcome to leave a link to your weekly harvest in the comments section.  I'll be glad to drop by and see how things went!  :)

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  1. Over 18 pounds this week, congrats! I love your picture. Your heirloom tomatoes are beautiful. I enjoy your blog and am now following. I look forward to your weekly weigh-ins.

  2. Thanks Heidi! I see you have a very nice garden too. :)