Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekly Harvest Weigh-In #3

This week I actually have something to weigh-in!  I harvested all of my onions this week and they are currently hanging in the shed to cure.  I won't be able to weigh them all until the tops have been removed, but the few I've already used this week amounted to 0.29 lbs. of red onion, 0.40 lbs. of yellow onion and also 0.47 lbs. of fennel which I used to make a crockpot full of yummy rabbit stew.  I'll post that recipe later this week when I get time.  :)

My peppers are coming along nicely and I'll have a few of those to harvest later in the week.  The tomatoes are starting to turn that pale color just before they turn red...so anytime now!  I have some renegade chickens that I'll have to deal with before they terrorize my garden.  I haven't been able to get anyone to buy them, so it looks like they may be headed for freezer camp.

So how has your garden done this week?

This Weigh-In will be open until midnight EST on Sunday, July 10th. All that is required is that your post be current and relevant to edible gardening that you have invested your own time and sweat equity in. Be sure to link to your specific gardening post and NOT your blog's main page. Please provide a link within your post to the current Weigh-In so that others can join in. You are welcome to grab the Harvest Weigh-In banner above and use it to link back here. This is a family friendly site and I reserve the right to remove any links that are inappropriate, irrelevant or otherwise deemed spam.

***Weighing in is optional; you are still welcome to link up a post about your garden! If you don't have anything to weigh-in for this week, that's OK!***

Check back with us every Monday for the next week's Harvest Weigh-In! Take some time to visit other gardeners' blog posts below that may be of interest to you. Happy gardening!

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