Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Year

I was just standing at the sink cutting up vegetables for tonight's dinner, wondering what I want to do tomorrow for my birthday "date" with my husband, when it suddenly occurred to me that I had blogged about my birthday date last year.

And that means it is also the one year "anniversary" of my adventures in blogging.  How could I have missed this milestone, this momentous occasion?

Yes, I had to stop right in the middle of making dinner to post this... I am a day late, but I had to make it right!

Well, this also happens to be a very busy time of year for me anyhow, so I guess I can cut myself some slack.

It really doesn't seem like it has been a whole year though.  How funny that feels when I think about it.  Much like when you start your family, there is something about watching children grow up that makes time really fly by, when it seemed that it stood still waiting for life to BEGIN prior to that.

I confess I really don't get to write as often as I'd like to, or think to, or have something worthwhile to write about.  Many things go on in my life that I'd like to tell the whole world about, if only I could find time.  Living with a toddler will do that to you.  Often by the time I get around to it, I realize it's no longer relevant or "in season" anymore.

But really, even if no one else ever read my blog ever again, I'd still keep posting.  A little here, a little there as it came to me.  I feel like I am keeping a journal and I enjoy looking back on it all.  And sometimes you guys comment--and in my hectic, solitary, mommy-life here on my One Sunny Acre, where things get done when I get around to it--it's as if someone stopped by and paid me a visit (minus the shame of a messy house.)  And it's refreshing.  So thanks for reading!  :)

Maybe when I get all these beans put up, I'll get back around to catching up on some posts!

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