Monday, March 21, 2011


This is not a Cornish X!

This is a "Free Mystery Rooster" which I distinctly remember NOT ordering.  He was not listed on my packing invoice either.


The poor little guy is a fish out of water trying to hang in there with these big guys.  You can see how much larger the Cornish X are compared to your ordinary standard breed chick at three weeks of age pictured here.

They are four times his size!

It truly is freaky how fast they grow.  Their juvenile plumage looks pretty rough right now.  The only part of them that still resembles a chick is their fluffy, yellow heads.  Their bodies grow so fast, they can hardly stay covered.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this little guy.  The meat birds will be processed and in the freezer by 8 weeks of age.  He'll still be a baby - too small to put in with the layers - and he'll be all alone!

Maybe the hatchery worker should have thought of that before they decided to toss him into the box?


  1. I think you should turn her into one of those free ranging house chickens!!!! LOL... I'm sure Brandon and Ava would love it!!!...LOL

  2. Yep...they'd all be house chickens if Ava had her way. This one will probably end up being a pet rooster.

  3. The little purple flowers are called Purple Dead Nettle. :-)

  4. Thanks!! It bothers me when I don't know what a plant is called. ;)