Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get it in Gear

Finally, I am starting to accumulate some eggs.  My Easter Eggers have gone back to work and are putting out their beautiful blue-green eggs just as regularly as they did before they went into moult.

The Black Stars are getting sleek and fluffy.  They are right at 20 weeks old.  Their combs are filling out and turning a striking shade of red.  This is a good sign!  I should be up to my ears in eggs this time next month.  I sure hope so, because they are eating me out of house and home!

Unfortunately, I must report that Little Boy Blue met his demise today.  He came after Ava again while she was playing, so I immediately stopped what I was was doing (putting up spinach for the freezer), caught him by the legs and brought him to my husband to be promptly dispatched.

In the words of Ruby Thewes, "I despise a flogging rooster".  I LOVE that movie (Cold Mountain).  Quite possibly my favorite movie ever.

So now, all is quiet in the hen house tonight.  I could hear him crowing all day and all night long, even in the deepest, darkest hours before morning.  Perhaps that rooster simply had too much testosterone. 

I suspect now that they have some peace and quiet, the girls will get busy and start laying any day now.

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