My Bright-and-Shining-Farmer

"My Bright-and-Shining-Farmer" is the pet name I came up with for my beloved early on in our marriage when I realized how handy he is to have around.  It is, of course, a play on the words "my knight in shining armor".

My deer slayer.
Whether he's hauling manure, digging post-holes for me, carrying heavy honey supers or tilling the garden (my dad's Troy-built tiller is a fiery beast that I cannot keep hold of), My Bright-and-Shining Farmer is always there to come to my rescue.

My mushroom hunting buddy.
We are going on eight wonderful years of marriage and God willing, look forward to many more.  We both acknowledge that the Lord purposefully brought us together through a series of serendipitous circumstances at a time in our lives when we were not particularly looking for love.  He truly is my "other half" and makes me a whole and better person because of his influence on my life.  I cringe to think of where I might have been in life today if I had not met and married this amazing man.  God knows we needed each other and together (with Him at the center of our marriage) I know we will go far.