Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It Takes a Lot of Duct Tape to Do What I Do

Chickens... Did you know you can duct tape them back together? That's what I do when they get their backs worn out by the roosters or have a problem with feather picking.

Duct Tape hen saddles

Cover the area with strips of duct tape. It will stay on for about 2 weeks and protect the hen's back or any wounds she may have while they heal and the feathers start to grow back in. It will fall off on its own as the dirt and oils get under the tape. Reapply as needed until the area is completely healed. I like to choose a plain color, close to the hen's own color if possible, and the other chickens don't seem to notice any difference.

I am really loving the color and variety in my flock this year. I've got two Easter Egger roosters and they have been such gentlemen so far. I made a point to hand feed them treats since they were young so they would like me and hopefully not flog. So far, so good.

Ava named the beautiful white roo "Buttered Popcorn". He is Broody Banty's baby's daddy. The other guy is the dominant roo. He doesn't really have a name. I am always hesitant to name roosters since they usually don't hang around long. If they make it through the summer, I'll come up with a name for him.

She has given several of the girls names as well, but those seem to morph and change often to suit her mood. This little EE girl is my favorite. I love the little black hearts on her breast! So cute!

Broody Banty's baby turned out to be a pullet. Yay! I was really hoping for another layer so I could keep her.

I bought a Hova Bator Genesis last fall and have been really wanting to set some eggs, but I've held off for now since my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer in February. I've really got my hands full with that. I'm uncertain if I should just go ahead and eat my two tom turkeys too. I wanted to find some hens and breed them, but I don't really need another project right now. Especially not things that depend on me to feed them. The kids and their daddy have been lucky to get a hot meal here lately. I dunno.

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  1. i am quite jealous. i have wanted chickens, but we just don't have the space where we are currently living. they are very pretty,, tho. good luck.