Monday, August 1, 2011

Starting the 3in30 Challenge

I've decided that I NEED to do the 3in30 Challenge.  It may be my only hope.  ;)

I first heard about it over at Sparing Change.  Basically, it is a monthly challenge designed to motivate you to accomplish your goals.  I think the added accountability will do me good!

Those of you who know me personally or have followed my blog for some time have probably come to notice that I tend to lack follow-through sometimes.  I too frequently daydream about things I want to do, start projects, buy the materials for them, then lose them by the wayside.  I have a detailed, very itemized to-do list on my fridge that has been there for a few months now and I've only managed to cross off nine out of about fifty items.  Sad!  And frustrating.  I pass by and look at things everyday and it drives me nuts that I can't seem to get around to accomplishing them.

Remember the antique armoire my mother-in-law gave me that I was going to convert into extra kitchen storage?  I bought six cans of spray paint to do it, but it's still collecting dust out in the garage.  In my defense, I did finish painting the free desk I got from the plant and it is in use as my computer desk now.

The roll-out nest of my dreams, designed to make egg-collecting and egg-washing easier... There is a stack of plywood out in the garage designated for that project.  At this time though, I decided that what I really need is a whole new chicken coop and to kick the chickens out of my little barn so that it can house some goats in the winter.  Add it to the list!

Here's one that makes me hang my head in shame.  My mother-in-law commissioned me to make seven sets of photo coasters with pictures of my late father-in-law's famous roses so she could give them to friends and family as a memorial.  I was half way done with this one then for some reason put it all into a basket and later found it buried when I went to clean out my craft room.

Speaking of my craft room, I did finally get it all cleaned out, shampooed the carpet, put in lots of storage cabinets and a table for workspace.  I still have to sort through the boxes of my craft junk, throw out or give away some of it and sort it into the drawers.  Will this ever come to pass so that I can start using and enjoying my own special space set aside just for me?

If my family were depending on me for soap, they would all be very dirty and stinky right now.  For months I have been collecting the supplies.  The only thing I yet lack is a sturdy plastic pitcher for mixing lye.  What is stopping me from running to Walmart and buying a $3.00 plastic pitcher?  I don't know, but I'm sure it's purely psychological.  I will make soap sometime before I die...

My husband and I started building my new super-duty hive stand for my bees about one month ago and although it has been very hot and also I was quite sick and useless for two whole weeks, I think that one might actually get done here soon.  I also must confess that I still have frames left over from this winter that still need to be assembled.  Good thing my bees didn't swarm, huh.  :P

So you see what I am up against?

Hello.  I am the President of the Procrastinator's Anonymous Club.  Eventually I will get around to chartering the club so that you can join too if you  want or have time to.

Well, I had a really hard time deciding on my three goals for the month of August.  Naturally, I want to start out simple and not completely overwhelm myself so that they can be attainable.  I'd sure hate to totally tank and scare myself off track on the first round.

By the end of August, I am going to:

1)  Sort and back up to Kodak online at least one month's worth of digital pictures.  Since I got my new camera for Christmas, a Pentax k-x DSLR, I take a lot more pictures than I used to.  I'd hate to lose them if my computer ever blew up!

2)  Finish sorting my craft room, as mentioned above.

3)  Take my poor child to the playground at least once a week.

In future monthly challenges, I plan to try to work on an assortment of to-do's, farm projects, fun things I've meant to learn to do and also an occasional aspect of self-improvement.

I do tend to do at least those things that I really want to do.  My garden is probably the one area of my life that I faithfully keep up with.  Well, that and my blog.

Wish me luck!  And if you're feeling the need for a little encouragement to tackle some goals you've tentatively set for your life, be sure to go check out the 3in30 Challenge today.


  1. I completely understand about unfinished projects. I get into something full tilt boogie, then I tend to lose interest. But on the bright side, I get to try alot of different activities.

  2. Hey you never know what might take and become a fabulous new hobby! ;) Gotta break a lotta eggs to make an omelet..ha.

  3. This 3 in 30 idea is wonderful. I can procrastinate or take on too many projects at once and accountability makes me complete things. I enjoy your blog. I am looking forward to seeing your completed projects. Thanks for passing this challenge on.

  4. Heidi, if you decide to do the challenge too, I'll try to help encourage you. :) It's pretty neat, they do a link up so everybody can check in on each other's progress.

  5. Journey,

    I am doing the 3 in 30 challenge too and found your blog from the link up. I think you can absolutely do it! I'm going to keep checking in with you and the other participants, hopefully holding each other accountable means we get our goals accomplished!

  6. I love my digital camera but having to sort through, organize and backup regularly can be daunting. I completely understand. As far as unfinished projects you are not alone. I have a closet full. I think your three goals are totally do-able (if that is a word). Good Luck.

  7. So glad you are joining up! I'm a procrastinator as well... lol. Good luck with your goals! :)

  8. I totally relate to the follow through problem. *grin* Welcome to 3 in 30, good luck with your goals!

  9. Glad you are joining in! Those are totally managable :) One of mine is backing up my photos as well!

  10. There was a good reason I learned how to spell procrastinate in the 1st grade! It should have been my middle name. So you're not alone that's for sure...good luck w/ your goals this month!
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  11. Looks like some good goals. :)

  12. Thank you so much for linking to my blog!
    I'm sorry to say, I take on the "Queen Procrastinator" role. :-)

    I am rooting for you!
    I know you can accomplish your goals!!!
    (One of the things on my list of things to do and post on the blog is to go through my photos. We will see if it gets done this month or not! Lets get it done together! You hold me accountable - I hold you accountable.)

  13. Having a new camera can lead to a photo-fun extravaganza! I too am in the process of organizing several million pictures :)
    You have great goals and I wish you well with them.
    Gems xxx

  14. welcome to the challenge! I think you'll find that even just writing it down and having the whole world know what you've committed to makes a big difference in actually getting it done :D

  15. Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome and all of the encouragement! I'm looking forward to tackling some goals with the help of such a great online community. I think you're right, MomLaur83, sometimes you just need to put it all out on the table! :)

  16. You've taken the first found a place for encouragement and accountability!! Keep it up! You can do it!