Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tiny Garden Helper

This is the cutest and tiniest toad I've ever found.  At least I think he is a toad, being that he is somewhat bumpy after all.  I tried to identify him online.  I think he is an immature Fowler's Toad.  You can see how small he is next to my pinkie!

I just happened to spot him hopping away as I was hoeing a patch of weeds.

I didn't dare try to pick him up.  He just hopped into my daughter's bug box all by himself.  We returned him back to the garden at sundown.

I love toads.  They eat lots of slugs and other bad buggies!


  1. What a cutie! When I was a kid we used to see these tiny little frogs after a rain. I've not seen them for years.

  2. So cute and tiny! Great photo!

  3. Spring peepers. I thought they were crickets in my lawn until I took a closer look. Hope they can hide well from my chickens!