Thursday, May 26, 2011


Our evening of strawberry picking was cut short by a creepy, fast moving thunderstorm that rolled in on us.  This picture shows the dark clouds swallowing up the pretty sunset.

The strong winds and short bursts of showers came and went all day today.

I am feeling very far behind with my outside chores, especially the gardening.  The rain has kept me out of the dirt for two months now, except for one dry weekend the Saturday before last.  What little I did get planted that day was promptly eaten by groundhogs.  Very discouraging!

But I recall now that it wasn't until Memorial Day a couple of years ago that my husband and I worked until after dark, hurrying to get everything planted all in one day.  With a dry spell finally slated for next week, it looks like we'll be having another such planting party this year.

My poor little seedlings want out of their pots!

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