Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bun Buns (Video)

Ok, we can't control ourselves.

We've been taking a little peek at the baby bunnies every day now. 

Today their eyes are open.  Time to fence the strawberries!  They'll be out and about very soon...

We put some straw over the nest to help conceal it a little better.  How convenient for the mama bunny to put her nest right beside the swing set. 

My daughter is convinced that the mama rabbit is the Easter Bunny herself and that she brought these cute babies just for her.

The mama doesn't seem to mind if we pet them a little bit.  The babies protest a little bit, squirming and popping around, the ones on top trying to displace their litter mates from the warm, cozy spot on the bottom.

It's hard to believe for all the rain we've had that they somehow stay warm and dry in their bed.

Here's a short video of the cuteness.  Ava can hardly contain herself.  She has really enjoyed this experience.  And so have I!

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