Saturday, October 3, 2009

The thrill of victory!

I got 'em home.  Took lots of duct tape, but we made it!

This was a very complicated scenario for a bee-ginner's first experience handling bees.  Aside from the hive being knocked over at an angle, there were also holes in 3 of the 4 corners from mice chewing.  It took me FOREVER to get it closed up enough to pick up the hive and move it.  Then we had to come through brush, briars and mud to get it on the truck.  I lost my boot in the mud at one point and had a really hard time pulling it out!

But we came out of it with very few stings (3 for me, hand and both wrists), and one for Brandon on the bee-hind after sitting down in the truck.  LOL.  (Forgive the puns!  I can't help myself!!)

Having the veil and other protective clothing on makes one very brave!  I feel as if I just conquered the world.

Once we got back home, we decided to leave the hive sitting in the truck bed for right now.  Tomorrow I will need to build another hive bottom before I set them up permanently.

I am eager to open it up and see how they're doing inside!  I hope they are healthy.

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