Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday #32

I had Brandon take me fishing for my birthday. He says he's glad he married a country girl, as I am a cheap date! We used to go fishing a lot, but nowadays it is hard to get to go, toddler in tow. We didn't catch a thing, but we really enjoyed the quiet time together.

It was a wonderful early fall afternoon, a little cool and the woods had that sweet smell to them that makes this my favorite time of year. We got a kick out of watching four squirrels across the creek harvesting walnuts that had not dropped yet. Every so often a walnut would hit the water with a loud plunk. It would have been funny to see a squirrel swim!

The second picture is of a chicken mushroom growing at the base of a dead oak tree on the opposite creek bank. I have been on the lookout for a chicken mushroom for several years now and this is the first I have seen. It would figure it would be OUT OF REACH. They are supposed to be a very tasty edible mushroom and have no poisonous lookalikes, a good beginner mushroom.

After giving up on fishing, we took a walk on the trail above the creek and found the pawpaws just beginning to ripen. We brought home a plastic bag full. Ava loves them and ate a whole pawpaw herself. They are very nutritious and high in protein. You have to get them early before the deer, turkey and other wildlife find them.

I love this time of year! I had a very pleasant birthday.

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